Who we are

A family workshop established in the Netherlands in 2009, dedicated to producing fresh pasta and desserts, as well as other products such as sauces, pestos and dips, based on an Argentinean-Italian fusion.

NonnaPepa family's wish is to offer top quality products, using fresh ingredients from local providers.

Focused mainly on health and taste, the goal is accomplished by our homemade and creative way of cooking.


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How we work

Retails, events or individuals

Products for retail

The NonnaPepa workshop in Amsterdam has all the cooking, sealing, labelling & cooling facilities to deliver our fresh products for supermarkets, shops or other distributors.

Menus for events

Our alternative to chips and peanuts: a top quality yet affordable menu for your wedding, birthday, business event or party.

Minimum 10 guests

Menu offer

Dips: Hummus, marinated vegetables, pestos, crispy bread

Main course: Fresh ravioli or pasta

Desserts : mousses, tiramisu, cheesecake, and many more...

Weekly family box

From farmers to our kitchen

From our kitchen to your table

Enjoy a wonderful family time with your friends and beloved with a seasonal ravioli box delivered directly to your home.

Our values

Cooking with hands and heart

Fresh & Natural 

At NonnaPepa we cook only with  whole ingredients.

No chemicals. No preservative.

No artificial colouring.


Homemade & Creative

We like machines, but love hands  more, so we preserve traditional hand-cooking techniques.

Eating NonnaPepa means to discover, experience, and enjoy the diversity of flavours, colours and textures of life.

Local & Sustainable

We partner as much as possible with  regional producers that work in an environmental and social responsible way, which means they treat the earth and people with respect.

Our products are delivered to nearby homes, since we don't use any artificial conservative.

Our history

Grand-mother inspired, family made


Family brands